Driving Habits

  • Keep your car clean. Mud and debris on the undercarriage can weigh your car down and break down the integrity of your suspension components.
  • Don’t throttle the gas or brake pedal. Sudden starts and stops are hard on your vehicle and waste gas.
  • Don’t idle for too long. Turn the vehicle off if you anticipate a lengthy wait.
  • Clear out the trunk and storage areas of the vehicle. More weight equals more gas.
  • Reduce your highway speeds. You can improve your gas mileage by up to 15% by reducing your speed from 65 mph to 55 mph.

Servicing Your Vehicle

  • Follow the correct maintenance schedule that suits your driving habits and vehicle model.
  • Use synthetic motor oil if possible. It reduces friction and protects your engine better than conventional oil. We stock fully synthetic motor oil designed to help maximize your fuel economy.
  • Keep your tires inflated to the proper tire pressure. Balding tires also reduce fuel economy.
  • Fuel injection cleaning is important to help maximize the efficiency of your fuel injectors. By removing carbon build up from your engine’s intake valves, fuel injectors and cylinders, your fuel efficiency will increase dramatically.
  • Replace spark plugs when needed. Properly working spark plugs help the fuel burn more efficiently.
  • Keep your transmission serviced. Transmissions are costly to repair and play a huge role in fuel economy.